TIERdirekt Pet Health Insurance Policies, Now to Be Managed by Barkibu – Business WireTIERdirekt Pet Health Insurance Policies, Now to Be Managed by Barkibu – Business Wire

COLOGNE, Germany–( )–All TIERdirekt pet health insurance policies are to be managed by Barkibu , starting Tuesday December 13th, 2022. This decision was made by Great Lakes Insurance SE, the Munich-based insurance coverage solution provider regulated simply by Germany’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority. Excellent Lakes Insurance coverage SE is the owner of all TIERdirekt dog health insurance policy policies.

Following the mandate of Great Lakes Insurance policy SE, almost all TIERdirekt family pet health insurance policies will continue to be fully served, now by Barkibu. TIERdirekt will cease to provide services to these pet health insurance guidelines, and Barkibu will become the company that manages their claims and collects the installments of the particular insurance policies.

With offices in Cologne, Barkibu was founded within 2014. Barkibu has built a strong reputation of responsiveness and reliability in the pet medical health insurance market. Throughout its history, Barkibu has successfully served millions of pet wellness related issues. Its fast response in order to pet health claims plus its iOS and Android mobile apps make Barkibu one associated with the leading pet health insurance players in Europe, and it has seen exponential growth within 2022 .

Barkibu’s insurance policies are underwritten by Great Lakes Insurance SE. As a Munich-based insurance solution provider, Excellent Lakes will be regulated simply by the Federal government Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht or BaFin) and maintains permanent offices in the United Kingdom (London), Ireland (Dublin), Italy (Milan), Switzerland (Zug/Cham) and Australia (Sydney).

“We’ve always been committed to excellence in pets’ medical health insurance, and TIERdirekt clients are now in great hands”, said Barkibu’s co-CEO and former VP at JP Morgan, Álvaro Gutiérrez. “We work hard each day to be a reliable partner, both for our clients and for our insurance partners. ”

“We are committed to ensuring that the products and solutions we offer meet the needs and interests of our own customers plus provide value to them, ” stated Florian Heger, Head associated with Agency Company at Great Lakes Insurance plan SE. “With this decision, TIERdirekt clients are in excellent hands with Barkibu and continue to have the best pet health insurance coverage. ”

About Barkibu

Barkibu has created a new healthcare experience for pets. Through the Barkibu app, pet parents can get assistance on how to take care of their animals, check their symptoms and get immediate triage, and talk to a live vet. All from their own home, within real-time, plus without worrying about the cost. Barkibu does this through a combination of an AI-powered vet assistant that runs its proprietary algorithms fed along with real case data, the chat and video telehealth platform, plus a comprehensive insurance coverage policy.

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