The start of a new year is a great time to take inventory on pet needs – NOLA. comThe start of a new year is a great time to take inventory on pet needs – NOLA. com

Hello, 2023! The new year is a great time for you to take stock of what our furry friends have and may need, and to set some new goals for our pets. Let’s start the year off with our own best paws forward for a happy and healthy year.

  • Make sure pets are up-to-date upon vaccinations.
  • Have tags on them with current contact information.
  • Get pets microchipped.
  • Evaluate their overall health needs: When’s the last time the dog had a dental checkup? Could the nails use the trim?

ID and microchips:   Make sure all pets have current identification tags and that microchip information is up-to-date. Did the family move last year? Got a new phone number? Unfortunately, people often realize this information will be outdated only after a pet goes missing.

If a pet is not already chipped, make it a priority. Tags can fall off or be removed, but the chip always will be there and it gives the lost pet the best chance of getting home. It is important to remember that getting a chip implanted is usually only the first step in the particular process. It must then be registered in order for it to become fully effective in the event that a pet gets lost.

Nutrition:   How many people are usually planning on starting a diet this particular month? Humans aren’t the only ones who may gain the few extra pounds over the particular holidays. In case pets are looking extra fluffy, now is an excellent time to evaluate their food, portions and the number of treats given on a daily basis. When your cat or dog needs to shed a few pounds, feeding them a balanced diet in the proper portions is definitely a great way to get them fit and trim.

Exercise:   Many associated with us have fitness objectives for the new year, plus incorporating the pets into the exercise routine is good method to stick in order to those targets for that long-term. The benefits are twofold: We get to enjoy quality time with our pets, and it will get everyone off the couch plus moving. As we all know, it’s easier to maintain a fitness routine when we have an accountability partner! The best part: no gym membership fee!

Volunteer: In the event that someone can be reading this and doesn’t have a pet of their own, we have some great jogging and walking buddies at ARNO, who would love someone to come take them out! Now is the perfect time to set a few new charitable giving goals to help the homeless pets in our community. Shelters depend greatly on the help of volunteers to care with regard to the animals every day. It is the rewarding experience and truly makes a difference within the life of a homeless dog. Most shelters have volunteer opportunities regarding individuals, high school students, those needing community services hours, church groups, college groups and more.

Foster:   Want in order to give family pet ownership the test drive before making the commitment of owning a dog or cat full-time? Or would you like to give a homeless pet a break from the shelter and assist them learn the ins and outs of living in a home? Consider fostering. Animal shelters plus rescues need loving homes to provide safe and temporary living arrangements for pets. It’s a great opportunity for a shelter animal to learn the ropes of a home environment, and it’s the perfect way to test the waters of pet ownership. Not to mention all associated with the benefits of spending period with a furry friend.

Donate: If time is a factor that will prevents volunteering or cultivating, consider donating supplies or making the monetary donation to your local shelter or even rescue. We all find out how expensive it is to take care of just the pets in our households. Imagine the particular food and vet bills for a rescue full of cats and dogs. Cleaning supplies, newspaper, toys, food plus treats are usually also always needed.

Adopt: Now that the hustle and bustle of the holidays is certainly behind us and folks are getting back to their particular normal routines, it is a great time in order to welcome a brand new family member into the home. Shelters and rescues are busting at the seams with wonderful pets waiting for a house to call their own!  

Traci D. Howerton is the offer coordinator intended for Animal Rescue New Orleans, a nonprofit, volunteer-based, no-kill shelter. For information on ARNO, visit animalrescueneworleans. org .

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