New collar tag pairs with smartphones for immediate identification – DVM 360New collar tag pairs with smartphones for immediate identification – DVM 360

Microchip ID’s BuddyBadge features a QR code that is linked to the company’s registration system

Microchip ID will be launching a new product that promises to make their BuddyID registry even more responsive and user-friendly than ever before. The registry is also receiving support from FirstVet through an unique partnership.

“Our team has worked in this space for more than 30 years and we’re passionate about creating the safer, healthier environment with regard to pet parents and their pets. That’s why we’ve included many benefits regarding BuddyID Microchip ID is usually partnering along with FirstVet to register companion animals to the BuddyID registry and provide telehealth services their own customers as well because sign up with FirstVet, ” said Patrice Karwowski, president of BuddyID, in a company release.

A unique QR code on each registered pet’s BuddyBadge allows lost animals to be immediately identified by anyone with a smartphone. This ensures that these pets can be identified plus returned to their owners quickly and reliably even when no microchip reader is available. The QR code on the tag is definitely permanently from the BuddyID microchip registration. The particular registration covers the lifetime of the pet and provides double protection within case they’re ever separated from their particular owners.


Additionally , the particular BuddyID database enables dog owners in order to designate trusted locations—such as a neighbor’s home or a veterinarian’s office—as a SafePlace so that the family pet can be easily brought to the closest one if the pet owner can be unreachable. A Free SearchALERT could be launched as soon as a pet goes missing, which will automatically flag the particular pet’s microchip in the BuddyID database plus in the national lookup tool.

BuddyID is currently showcasing its new collar tag at the North American Veterinary Community’s 2023 Veterinary Meeting and Expo (VMX) in Orlando, Florida, through January 18. The company is offering demonstrations and item samples in the exhibit hall, in Booth 607.

FirstVet will provide a 5-step healthy dog checkup to all pet mother and father registered within the BuddyID data source that have signed up along with FirstVet. The checkup will be the 15-minute consultation with a licensed veterinarian designed to cover 5 key areas. They include oral health, skin plus coat, ear and rear, food, movement, and mobility recommendations. The particular virtual telehealth evaluation will help pet moms and dads understand the particular importance of regular veterinary visits as well as prepare new family pet parents upon what to look out for when it comes to caring for their pets.

“FirstVet has helped more than 1 million animals through digital innovation, and we’re committed to supporting pet mom and dad in taking the best care of their loved ones. One of the benefits of FirstVet is certainly to reduce anxiety at a time of stress, and the collar label along with the SearchALERT is clearly a great value proposition intended for any pet parent”, says David Prien, cofounder plus CEO associated with FirstVet, in a news release.

For more coverage of the 2023 VMX conference, visit dvm360. com’s VMX page .


BuddyID announces a partnership with FirstVet and the launch of BuddyID collar tag. News release. BuddyID. January 9, 2023.

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