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About Nationwide Pet Insurance

Nationwide was founded more than 90 years ago and started as a small auto insurer. Based out of Columbus, Ohio, Nationwide has grown into a nationally recognized company that offers many insurance products along with retirement plus investment products.

In 2009, Nationwide acquired Veterinary Pet Insurance, the first pet insurance company in the U. S. The company’s dog insurance is underwritten by National Casualty Co. If you are a California resident, policies are underwritten by Veterinary Pet Insurance coverage Co.

What Does Countrywide Pet Insurance Cover?

Nationwide has a variety of pet insurance policies to choose from. The most comprehensive offering is its Whole Dog with Wellness plan which covers:

  • Accidents such as poisonings, ACL ruptures and sprains
  • Common illnesses like vomiting, diarrhea or ear infections
  • Serious illnesses for example heart disease and diabetes
  • Chronic illnesses such as arthritis, allergies plus skin conditions
  • Hereditary conditions like hip dysplasia, blood disorders and eye disorders
  • Testing plus diagnostics such as X-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds and bloodstream tests
  • Holistic therapy for example chiropractic care, laser therapy and acupuncture
  • Procedures such a surgeries or chemotherapy
  • Wellbeing exams and vaccinations
  • Flea & heartworm prevention

Nationwide also offers scaled down plans such as its Major Medical plan, which covers expenses like diagnostic plus testing, surgeries and hospitalization, prescriptions, chronic conditions and some hereditary problems (a waiting period will apply).

Countrywide pet insurance coverage policyholders also have access to Pet Rx Express, which usually gives you preferred pricing on family pet prescriptions at any Walmart or even Sam’s Club pharmacy. And they can process the prescription insurance claim at the particular pharmacy counter.

In addition to dogs and cats, Nationwide offers coverage for birds and other exotic animals, for example chinchillas, geckos, goats, potbellied pigs, hamsters, iguanas, turtles and snakes.

What Nationwide Pet Insurance policy Doesn’t Cover

Similar to other pet insurance policies, Nationwide’s pet insurance doesn’t cover every expense. Coverage exclusions include:

  • Pre-existing conditions such as an injury or illness that your pet had before coverage started
  • Therapy or treatment not prescribed by your veterinarian
  • Diagnosis or treatment that is experimental, investigational or not within the standard associated with care accepted by the veterinary medical board in your state
  • Any expense not directly related to a vet service such as taxes, waste disposal plus record-keeping

Keep in mind, more coverage exclusions apply depending on the particular type of policy you select. For example, a person won’t have coverage with regard to wellness costs or common illnesses if you select the Major Medical plan.

Countrywide Pet Insurance plan Waiting Periods

Generally pet insurance policy companies stipulate a certain amount of time before your strategy starts reimbursing you regarding veterinary expenses. This is known as the waiting period. For example , Nationwide has a 14-day waiting time period for accidents and sickness, and a 12-month waiting period for cruciate ligaments or even meniscus (knee) injuries.

A 14-day accident waiting period is common across the industry, but some insurers have shorter incident waiting periods. For instance , Embrace offers a two-day accident waiting period.

Also, not all dog insurers possess extended waiting around periods intended for other circumstances, such as ligament or knee injuries. With regard to example, ASPCA’s pet health insurance does not have a waiting time period for these types of situations.

Nationwide Dog Insurance Coverage Levels

Maximum annual limit options

Family pet insurers have got a coverage cap on how much they will reimburse you for your own pet’s health-related expenses in a given year. Countrywide Whole Pet with Health and fitness has only an unlimited coverage control. The Whole Pet plan offers a $10, 000 cap and the particular Major Medical plan applies caps per condition.

Deductible choices

You must pay a set amount prior to your protection begins to reimburse you to get any vet bills. This amount is known as the deductible. Nationwide Whole Pet with Wellness includes a $250 insurance deductible option.

Reimbursement options

The reimbursement level is the portion of your pet’s health-related expenses your own insurance provider will reimburse. With Nationwide’s Entire Pet along with Wellness program you can select a reimbursement level associated with 50%, 70% or 90%.

How to Save Money on Nationwide Dog Insurance

There are usually a few ways you can save on family pet insurance with Nationwide:

  • 5% discount when a person insure multiple pets
  • 5% discount pertaining to existing Nationwide customers
  • Discounts available for Countrywide employees

Nationwide vs. Embrace Family pet Insurance

Nationwide Embrace
Annual coverage limits • Unlimited • $5, 000
• $8, 000
• $10, 500
• $15, 000
• $30, 000
Compensation level • 50%
• 70%
• 90%
• 70%
• 80%
• 90%
Insurance deductible amount • $250 • $200
• $300
• $500
• $750
• $1, 000

Embrace offers a two-day accident waiting period, 14-day illness waiting around period along with a six-month waiting period meant for orthopedic conditions. By comparison, Nationwide has a 14-day waiting period for incidents and ailments and a 12-month waiting around period designed for cruciate ligaments or meniscus (knee) injuries.

Because you can never predict when mishaps happen, Embrace’s shorter waiting periods just for accidents may give you better peace of mind. Furthermore, Nationwide’s 12-month waiting time period for tendon and leg issues may pose a problem if your pet will be prone to this type associated with injury.

While both insurers offer 24/7 vet helplines, routines and wellness plans and plan discounts, Accept also provides a $50 vanishing deductible for each year you go without a claim. For example , if a person have the $200 insurance deductible and go claims-free for two consecutive many years, your deductible will be reduced in order to $100.

Countrywide vs . Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Nationwide Healthful Paws
Annual insurance coverage limitations • Limitless • Unlimited
Refund degree • 50 percent
• 70%
• 90%
Dogs and cats age 5 plus under:
• 70%
• 80 percent
• 90%
Cats and dogs ages 6 and 7:
• 60%
• 70%
• 80%
Dogs and cats age 8 and older:
• 50%
• 60%
Deductible quantity • $250 Monkeys and horses age group 5 plus under:
• $100
• $250
• $500
Dogs and cats age groups 6 and 7:
• $250
• $500
• $750
Canines and pet cats age eight and old:
• $750
• $1, 500

Healthy Feet has a 15-day accident plus illness waiting around period, while Nationwide provides a 14-day accident and illness waiting period.

Whilst both insurance companies also have got extended waiting around periods for the purpose of other problems, Healthy Paws won’t cover hip dysplasia if your pet is age 6 or older. In case you know your pet is predisposed to hip dysplasia, Nationwide is likely a better choice.

Conversely, if your dog is vulnerable to ligament plus knee accidental injuries, Healthy Paws is worth considering since Nationwide offers a 12-month waiting period for these types of injuries.

Countrywide has more robust benefits compared to Healthy Paws. For instance , Healthy Feet doesn’t cover behavioral treatment or veterinarian exam fees, nor do they offer a wellness and routine care plan.

Nationwide versus. ASPCA Dog Health Insurance

Nationwide ASPCA Pet Health Insurance
Annual insurance limits • Limitless • $3, 000
• $4, 500
• $5, 000
• $7, 000
• $10, 000
Reimbursement level • 50%
• 70%
• 90%
• 70%
• 80%
• 90%
Deductible amount • $250 • $100
• $250
• $500

While Countrywide and ASPCA Pet Medical health insurance have the particular same accident and disease waiting intervals, ASPCA Family pet Health Insurance does not have an extended waiting time period for any specific condition, while Nationwide does for ligament and knee accidents.

Both providers also provide many benefits that pet owners look for within policies, this kind of as the wellness coverage add-on plus 24/7 vet helplines. Choosing between the two may come straight down to what fits within your budget and in case your dog is susceptible to ligament or even knee injuries.

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