IAMS partners with Whistle Health to advance dog health, nutrition – Pet Food ProcessingIAMS partners with Whistle Health to advance dog health, nutrition – Pet Food Processing

FRANKLIN, TENN. — Mars Petcare’s brand IAMS™ announced a partnership with Kinship’s Whistle™ Wellness, a smart pet-health monitoring brand name, to promote overall dog wellness. Through the partnership, consumers will be able to keep tabs on their pets’ health.

By leveraging Whistle Health’s smart devices, pet parents can learn more about their dog’s behaviors and select an IAMS dog food formula based specifically for their own individual needs. The devices use data-driven insights centered on dog behaviors.

“The partnership between IAMS canine food and Whistle is an incredible example of marrying leading technology along with tailored nutrition to support the health associated with our pets, ” said Jean-Paul Jansen, vice president of marketing for Roter planet (umgangssprachlich) Petcare North America. “We know that pet parents want the particular best for their dogs, plus we’re making it easier for them to track their particular dog’s habits with the Whistle wise device to help choose the best IAMS nutritional solution in order to support their dog’s holistic health. ”

Whistle's smart collar devices for tracking a dog's health Whistle offers three different smart collar devices for tracking pet health. (Source: IAMS)

Whistle’s devices use artificial intelligence (AI) to track key health metrics, including activity level, eating/drinking times and scratching/licking routines, which may help detect potential health issues, monitor chronic health conditions and help pet mother and father choose formulas specific to their pet’s needs. The device can be used to ensure that a dog maintains a healthy weight, consumes the particular correct amount of calories, and more.

“Whistle Health is the first product of its kind in order to help dog parents understand their dog’s behaviors plus needs based on data, ” said Kate Balingit, general manager of Whistle.

“Whistle’s ground-breaking AI was built by marrying an unprecedented amount associated with time series data with clinical insights, to create an entirely new way of understanding your dog’s health every single day, ” Balingit added. “By pairing our technology along with the IAMS brand’s dietary solutions, we’re able to create an even better experience with regard to pet moms and dads who want to provide personalized care for their dog. ”

To track their pets’ health, Whistle offers consumers three smart collar products: Health, Health & GPS, and Wellness & GPS+.

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