How can pet owners best care for their elderly pets – The CometHow can pet owners best care for their elderly pets – The Comet

Our furry friends, just like us, need some extra love and support as they enter their own golden years.

We chat with Serena Moore, community outreach officer at Woodgreen Pets Charity to find out how you can prolong your pet’s quality of life and ensure these people remain healthy as they grow older.

Q: What is the best way to care for an aging pet?

A: One of the first steps to consider is changing your own pet’s diet because they age. We recommend switching them onto a senior diet plan as they reach six many years old. These low-calorie foods contain tailored nutrients ideal for older animals and can prevent excessive weight gain as your pet’s mobility decreases.

The Comet: Inspect your dog's mouth to make sure their teeth are clean, their gums are pink and there’s no sign of bad breath. Inspect your dog’s mouth to make sure their particular teeth are clean, their gums are usually pink and there’s no sign of bad breath. (Image: Woodgreen Pets Charity)

To prevent stiff joints plus discomfort, think about introducing joint supplements – this is useful for larger breeds that are more at risk of developing arthritis.

Q: How can I monitor my pet’s health at home?

A: Like us, because pets age group they become more vulnerable and prone to developing health problems, so knowing what signs to look out for at house can help ensure they remain in good shape. It’s best to conduct a home health check at least once a month.

You should inspect their own mouths to make sure their teeth are clean, their gums are pink and there’s no sign of bad breath. Your pet’s ears need to be clean and free of wax and their particular eyes should be bright, with no sign associated with cloudiness or discharge.

The Comet: Cats are at risk of developing thyroid problems - it's best to take them to the vet if you notice they're eating more but still losing weight. Cats are at risk of building thyroid problems – it’s best in order to take them to the vet if you notice they’re eating a lot more but still losing weight. (Image: Woodgreen Pets Charity)

Part their fur in order to check for fleas, sore skin, matted hair plus gently feel across their body for any bumps. Remember to examine their feet, ensuring their own claws are a healthy length and that their paw pads are in good condition.

You need to monitor their particular pet’s toileting habits to be aware of worms or even other digestive issues, and pets having accidents inside when they will haven’t done so before can be a sign of illness.

Cats are at risk of thyroid issues, which may cause them to eat plus drink more, but continue to lose weight. In such instances, it’s better to take all of them to the vet as soon as possible.

Q: What does it mean if my dog has halitosis?

A: Bad breath  is  an indication of dental disease that shouldn’t be ignored.   A build-up associated with bacteria may cause pain and tooth decay, as well as other oral issues that could lead to heart disease.

The Comet: Serena Moore is a community outreach officer at Woodgreen Pets Charity. Serena Moore is the community outreach officer in Woodgreen Animals Charity. (Image: Woodgreen Domestic pets Charity)

To look after your own pet’s oral hygiene and prevent this problem, brush their teeth regularly with pet-friendly toothpaste plus use Veterinary Oral Health Council approved dental chews. If your dog is already showing signs of dental care disease, using a toothbrush may irritate the gums, so it’s best in order to speak to your veterinarian about getting plaque and tartar removed.

Q: How do i change my pet’s routine to ensure they stay healthful because they get older?

The: Every pet is different and has their own unique personality plus quirks – so it is best to let them take the lead and make lifestyle decisions based on what these people need.

However , most pets struggle to exercise as much and require more sleep as they get older. Here, it’s better to reduce vigorous activities plus take them on shorter walks.

Five minutes of enrichment every day can reduce the chance of your canine getting dementia. You can practice tricks they will know, feed them making use of Kongs or puzzle feeders and hide treats they need in order to sniff and search for.

The Comet: It's best to book your elderly pet in for an annual check-up and take them to see the vet as soon as you spot any issues. It’s best to book your elderly dog in for a good annual check-up and take the capsules to see the vet as soon as a person spot any kind of issues. (Image: Woodgreen Household pets Charity)

Q: Will I need to change the home for an elderly pet?

A: Installing ramps plus steps will help them clamber onto sofas and obtain up the stairs, as moving becomes trickier. This can also be handy for preventing separation issues. If you have hard floors, laying a mat or rug down can assist stop all of them from slipping or falling.

Queen: How often should I take our aging family pet towards the veterinarian?

A: All of us advise booking them in for an annual check-up and taking them to see the vet as soon mainly because you spot any problems. Some veterinary practices have senior pet clubs that offer services such as weight monitoring, blood tests, regular check-ups plus medication discounts.

If you’re prescribed any medication for your own pets, ask your vet if you can purchase it online, as this can help a person save money. Vets can also recommend ways to manage ongoing pain, so you can offer them some relief on the particular days these people need this.

Sometimes our twilight years are the best ones yet, and there are things you can do to ensure this is the same with regard to your pawed companion.

For more information on how to care regarding your pet, attend Woodgreen’s free Senior Pet Health and Wellbeing verify at Godmanchester Centre on December 7, 2022. Find the centre at Kings Bush Farm, London Road, Godmanchester, PE29 2NH.

Visit woodgreen. org. uk/events in order to book a place and discover more insightful pet treatment tips .



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