Buying pet insurance? This is the best time to act – CBS NewsBuying pet insurance? This is the best time to act – CBS News

Veterinarian examining cute pug dog and cat in clinic, closeup. Vaccination day
To fully take advantage of the benefits that pet insurance coverage offers, you should buy it at the right time. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Pet insurance policy offers dog and cat owners an unique opportunity to both protect their animals and their bank account. In exchange for a minimal fee to a provider, each month (potentially cheaper if paid annually ) owners can rest easy knowing that will their pet has guaranteed medical care. And, should something happen in the future, they’ll have the financial support to get through it.

While the benefits of a robust dog insurance policy are substantial, it’s similar to other investments in that the timing behind it is crucial. Just like you wouldn’t typically buy life insurance   later in life – or travel insurance   once you’re in the airport – you’ll want to purchase pet insurance plan at the particular right time.

If you’re considering pet insurance, or want to add more pets to your current coverage , reach out to a provider now. They can help you get started with a free quote .

The best period to buy family pet insurance

The best time to buy pet insurance will be when your own pet is usually young and healthy. Here’s why:

Lower cost

Pet insurance coverage, similarly in order to life insurance coverage with regard to humans, will only get more expensive as the pet ages and their own health deteriorates. Because older animals are riskier to insure than younger ones, pet insurance policy companies will usually charge higher premiums regarding coverage. They may even deny coverage outright, depending on the pet’s age and current health status.

That’s why it pays to act early. If any medical emergencies or conditions develop within the long term the insurance will certainly likely cover them. And the cost won’t break the bank because at such a young age the animal is healthful and free of major medical ailments.

So , it will pay to get insured early. It’ll both protect the pet plus your bank account. Get started with a new pet insurance plan today .

Comprehensive care

If your pet is definitely young then chances are they have no (or minimal) pre-existing problems. This can be important due to the fact pet insurance providers, unlike health insurance companies intended for humans, can discriminate against pets with pre-existing circumstances and refuse coverage for these issues.

“A pre-existing condition is any kind of injury or even illness which occurs or shows symptoms before protection starts or even during the waiting period, ” Spot pet insurance plan explains. “A condition is certainly considered pre-existing whether or not it’s been officially diagnosed or treated; all that matters is when it occurred or even symptoms first displayed. ”

“A pre-existing condition will be anything that happens before you enroll or during the waiting period, inch Fetch by The Dodo explains. “Like other providers, we don’t protect pre-existing situations. ”

This is why buying dog insurance when your pet is usually young is so important. You’ll want your insurance to include as many issues as possible. But if you wait, and new conditions arise, your own insurance options will be limited.

So take action now in order to secure a cost-effective and reliable policy .

Two other considerations

As the above two reasons strongly support getting pet insurance coverage when your pet is definitely young, a person can still potentially secure a reasonable rate plus protection plan whenever your pet is old. If your pet is a few years old and healthy you may still be able to get good insurance coverage (just don’t wait much longer).

Plus if your pet has a pre-existing condition? Don’t despair. Your insurance limitations might only be temporary, according to Spot family pet insurance.

“However, with plans provided by Spot, this doesn’t mean the situation can’t be covered in the future in case the situation is curable, ” the company explains. “An injury or illness that is curable, cured, and free from treatment and symptoms to get 180 days will simply no longer become regarded as pre-existing, along with the exception of knee and ligament conditions. If a knee or even ligament problem occurs before the coverage effective date or during the waiting time period, any upcoming ones will not be protected. ”

If you want to insure your dog or cat but aren’t sure if their current problems fall under the protection zone after that consider speaking with a pet insurance expert today. They could answer any questions you have and assist you build a plan that works for you plus your furry friend .

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