Best Cat Insurance – 4 Pet Insurance Companies To Protect Your Cat in 2023 – The Dallas Morning NewsBest Cat Insurance – 4 Pet Insurance Companies To Protect Your Cat in 2023 – The Dallas Morning News

From common illnesses to emergency surgeries, the cost of vet care for cats can add up quickly over time. Luckily for pet parents today, cat insurance can help ease your financial burden and get your own cat the care she needs to feel as good as new.

Through extensive research, we compiled a list of the best cat insurance companies in order to help you find the right plan for you and your furbaby.

What is Pet Insurance coverage?

Pet insurance is a health insurance plan for your pet that covers medical expenses and other costs. If your pet is protected under pet insurance coverage plans, you can receive reimbursement when your own pet gets treated with regard to a number of different illnesses plus injuries.

Basic coverage across different dog insurance plans is generally the particular same, but there are significant differences in prices, benefits, and extras. For example , only certain companies may cover microchipping and dental illnesses.

Kitty insurance plans are fully customizable regarding your budget and your cat’s health needs. You can typically choose between an accident plus illness strategy and an accident-only program. Wellness packages to keep your own cat healthy are available as add-ons intended for many plans.

How Does Cat Insurance policy Work?

Before your kitty insurance starts paying for your cat’s care, you’ll need to meet your annual deductible. After taking your own cat to any licensed veterinarian and paying the vet bill as usual, you are able to submit a claim and receive partial or total compensation for your pet’s care.

Some companies pay the veterinarian directly while most offer reimbursement through direct deposit or a check in the mail. Depending on the yearly coverage limit on your cat insurance policy plan, you can save hundreds in order to thousands associated with dollars upon vet treatment every year.

Top four Cat Insurance plan Companies

  1. Greatest Overall Cat Insurance Plan: Odie
  2. Best Price for Kittens: Lemonade
  3. Best for Alternative Therapies: Fetch
  4. Best for Older Cats: Embrace Pet Insurance

1 . Best Overall Cat Insurance Plan: Odie

With affordable monthly plan options and the dedicated member support team, Odie earned the top spot on our list. Odie offers two customizable cat insurance programs with an optional wellness plan add-on. The particular illness plus injury plan is a comprehensive option that covers surgeries, toxic poisoning, cancer treatment, diabetes, and much more.

Emergency trips to the vet can be scary and expensive, yet Odie’s accident-only plan can give a person peace of mind when it comes to accidental injuries. It’s an affordable option to get first-time family pet owners plus pets with pre-existing conditions.

Veterinary treatments for various injuries and wounds are usually covered below this insurance plan. With Odie Routine Care, you may ensure your own cat will get the preventative and wellness care they need all 12 months long. Pet parents can submit claims through their website. Options pertaining to reimbursement include a check by email or veterinarian direct spend.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free 24/7 vet chat
  • Discount meant for multiple pets
  • Optional wellness package available


  • Dental cleaning is not covered


Customizing your cat’s health insurance is easy at Odie. The reimbursement percentages for all three plans are 70%, 80%, or 90%. Odie has annual limits of $5, 000, $10, 000, or even $40, 000. Deductibles range from $50 to $1, 000.

You can start insuring your cat at just seven weeks old. The particular waiting period for accidental injuries is just 3 days. For illnesses, the particular waiting period is two weeks, while the waiting time period for ligament injuries will be six months. Dog parents who use Odie noted excellent customer support plus fast claim processes.

Learn more about Odie

2. Best Cost for Cats: Lemonade

Lemonade offers affordable policies that will cover accidents and illness, along with optional wellness deals and extended coverage. They have particularly low costs for kittens, which can reduce your pet insurance cost for your own little one.

This service offers a hassle-free experience and great customer service through their app. Lemonade donates unused premiums to the charity of your choice. The basic accident plus illness strategy is the comprehensive strategy that addresses take care of injuries and numerous health conditions.

Kitty owners may choose different add-ons for the base program. Extended coverage available designed for the base plan includes veterinarian visit fees, physical treatment, and end-of-life costs. Lemonade will pay just for wellness exams, flea medication, and vaccines under their own optional precautionary care bundle. You can easily post your declare for the feline friend’s care through the Lemonade app and promptly get direct down payment.


  • Low prices for kittens
  • Discounts with regard to multiple animals and existing customers
  • Extended protection available
  • Live chat with medical experts


  • Not available in all 50 states


Lemonade has considerable customization choices that all dog parents can use to their advantage. Available reimbursement rates are 70%, 80%, plus 90%. You can choose from deductibles of $100, $250, and $500. Lemonade offers a wide range of annual limit options between $5, 000 and $100, 500.

They have waiting periods associated with two days regarding accidents, 2 weeks intended for illnesses, plus six months for tendon events. The benefits included in the preventive treatment package are available just one day after purchasing the particular policy. Customers enjoy the ease of fast payments and simple, customizable pet health insurance plans.

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3. Best to get Alternative Therapies: Fetch

Get simplifies the pet insurance plan process by offering 1 comprehensive accident and sickness plan. Unlike some other cat insurance plans, Retrieve covers behavioral treatments plus holistic care.

Boarding charges, dental accidental injuries, cancer therapy, and blood tests are also covered under their comprehensive plan. This particular insurance plan is a great choice for kitty parents looking for a singular simple plan pertaining to unexpected accidents and illnesses. You don’t have in order to worry regarding enrollment costs when signing up meant for Fetch. Right after you pay out your veterinarian and publish a declare through their particular app, Fetch will reimburse you via direct deposit.


  • Sick-visit exam fees are covered
  • Discounts available
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Your pet is protected in the US and Canada


  • No wellness strategy option


While only one plan is available, there are factors you may customize to make sure the price fits your budget. Get offers three options for your annual insurance coverage limit: $5, 000, 10 dollars, 000, or $15, 1000. You are able to choose from $250, $300, plus $500 for that annual deductible. Like most other cat insurance plans, Retrieve offers reimbursement percentages of 70%, 80 percent, or 90%.

The waiting around period designed for both incidents and illnesses is 15 days. There is a six-month waiting period before injuries associated with the hips and knees can become covered. Customer reviews reveal that Fetch gives kitty owners peace of mind by helping them save hundreds of dollars on vet care.

Understand more about Fetch

4. Perfect for Older Cats: Accept Pet Insurance coverage

Embrace Family pet offers two insurance policies, along with a good optional wellbeing rewards program. Under the particular accident and illness plan, you’ll get reimbursed just for your cat’s surgeries, hospitalization, prescription medications, dental ailments, and more. An accident-only strategy covers mishaps like cuts and lacerations, poisoning, plus torn cruciate ligament.

Pet cats aged fifteen years or even older are usually only eligible for the incident plan. However , if they are already enrolled in the accident and disease plan prior to they are 15, they will continue to end up being fully covered for life. Embrace Pet Insurance policy has choices for all ages; you can start insuring your kitten at just six weeks old.

Under their optional routine care program, you can get reimbursed for microchipping, grooming, spay/neuter surgery, and more. You can file statements through the app or by email, fax, or even physical postal mail. Covered claims are paid by check in the mail or along with direct down payment.


  • 24/7 pet wellness line
  • Wellness plan available
  • Behavioral therapies are protected
  • Discount rates and diminishing deductibles obtainable


  • Prescription food is not covered


Embrace Pet Insurance provides 70%, 80%, and 90% reimbursement choices. They provide a wide range of insurance deductible options through $200 in order to $1, 000. Annual insurance limits variety from $5, 000 to $30, 500. The yearly limit for your accident-only program is $5, 000.

The particular waiting period for accidents is simply 2 days. With regard to illnesses, the particular waiting time period is 2 weeks. Policyholders of Accept Pet Insurance plan agree that the claims process is hassle-free and their own app is easy to navigate.

Learn more about Embrace Pet Insurance

How We Chose Our Top four Cat Insurance coverage Companies

Discovering the right cat insurance coverage for you may be difficult when presently there are many companies out there. Our own reviews of the best cat insurance plans are based on in-depth research of each company’s policies, prices, and customer support.


The top pet health insurance companies will offer pet insurance policy coverage for a wide range of health problems and injuries. Comprehensive treatment allows you to get the most out of your policy. We chose companies that offer a wide range associated with benefits, because well since extended coverage options plus wellness packages.

Customization is usually an essential aspect of choosing any type of medical health insurance plan. The companies on our own list provide many different options for compensation percentages, annual limits, and deductibles.

In addition , we included policies with affordable month-to-month premiums to ensure all family pet parents can get the protection they require. The best cat insurance plans will also offer shorter incident and illness waiting periods so a person can obtain the care your kitty needs promptly. Upon paying an expensive veterinarian bill, nothing is a lot more frustrating than waiting a long time to get reimbursed.

Client Support

Based on customer reviews, we were able to determine how well each company handled promises and provided customer service. The testimonies revealed that claims had been processed quickly and easily. You can expect outstanding customer care from a team of knowledgeable, understanding individuals.

Most of the winners on the list have free live vet talk so you can ask about your own cat’s worrisome symptoms at any hour of the day. Website plus app accessibility and usability were some other aspects all of us looked for in the good cat insurance company.

How to Choose the Best Dog Insurance with regard to Your Cat

Before committing to one pet insurance plan, you may get free quotes regarding several plans and compare the types of coverage, benefits, and premiums. Read the policies carefully to make sure you can obtain coverage intended for what matters most in order to you.

There are many factors you should consider when selecting the best pet insurance plan for your cat, including:


Every cat insurance plan is definitely customizable to fit your budget. Between the reimbursement rate, annual deductible, and yearly limit, you can pick the particular best option to get you. Nevertheless , these aspects vary slightly between each company.

Be sure to compare the pricing choices between policies to find the optimal choice for your wallet. Choosing a high annual limit or high reimbursement rate will increase your rates. A high deductible will certainly lower your monthly premiums. Expect a higher price when covering senior pet cats.

Your Cat’s Health Needs

If your own pet can be prone to particular health problems, a person may want to select shorter waiting around periods pertaining to illnesses. If you have multiple domestic pets, you also may want to look at guidelines that provide discounts meant for insuring more than a single pet. Another important factor to consider is your pet’s age. A few companies do not insure cats of a certain age or even only provide specific programs for senior pets.

Obtainable Coverage

You are able to typically choose between accident-only or accident and illness plans. Coverage varies between various companies, especially for dental illnesses, alternative therapies, prescription food, and behavior treatments.

All of us recommend looking at what every policy covers to get the majority of out associated with your insurance coverage. If you are interested in wellness programs that cover preventive treatment, keep within mind that will not all insurers offer this add-on.

What Does Kitty Health Insurance policy Cover?

There are usually three forms of pet insurance policies: accident plus illness plans, accident programs and health and fitness plans.

Accident and sickness plans protect many ailments or accidental injuries, such as cancer, broken bones, and hereditary plus congenital problems. Accident-only plans exclusively include accidental incidents like accidents and wounds. Wellness plans are often accessible as add-ons for current policies. These plans can cover vaccinations, flea prevention, spay/neuter expenses, and much more.

The cat insurance policy coverage excludes expenses unrelated to vet care, such as taxes and administrative fees. Exam charges are furthermore typically excluded from dog insurance coverage. If your cat is diagnosed with or even indicates signs of an injury or disease before insurance coverage begins, family pet insurance generally won’t cover it. However, some pet insurance plans might offer prolonged coverage designed for certain pre-existing conditions.

Cat insurance does not cover regular food plus vitamins, but some programs will protect prescription dog food. The particular best family pet insurance businesses usually do not include grooming, breeding costs, or cosmetic procedures like tail docking or declawing.

Is Family pet Insurance Worth it?

Kitty insurance plans help cover the price of an expensive veterinarian bill and means you won’t have to compromise when it comes to your cat’s health. Felines that reside indoors may avoid specific illnesses plus accidents, but they are still susceptible to others.

Whether your kitty lives indoors or outdoors, there are many health problems they may develop throughout their life. Even healthy pets can develop illnesses quickly or even without showing symptoms right away. Indoor felines can also experience accidents like eating string that requires surgery to remove.

Pet health insurance can conserve you a significant amount upon vet bills throughout the particular year. Paying an inexpensive monthly premium is much more manageable than coming up along with thousands of dollars just for an emergency vet expenses.


How much does cat insurance cost?

Deductibles and monthly payments of your pet insurance will depend on several different elements. Certain breeds are a lot more vunerable to wellness problems, which will likely increase your cat insurance plan cost. Old cats are more expensive to insure because they are at a higher risk for developing certain ailments.

Location is another factor that may affect your own monthly car insurance costs. Average vet costs in your city assist determine your own monthly premium. If you live in an area with less costly vet care, you may expect in order to have lower monthly premiums.

A plan’s annual insurance limit determines how much your insurance policy may cover in eligible vet bills. Higher annual coverage limits typically have higher monthly premiums, whilst those that are reduce usually have reduced premiums.

The annual deductible is how much you choose to pay towards covered veterinarian bills each year before a person receive a specific percentage of reimbursement. In this case, the higher the annual insurance deductible, the lower your own monthly high quality. Deductibles typically range from $100 to $1000 annually.

Your coverage can also be customized to adjust your cat insurance cost plus meet your finances and protection needs. Depending on these factors along with your strategy type and the company you choose, you may expect in order to pay among $10 to $100 month-to-month.

Will my premiums go up every year?

Like health, auto, and car insurance coverage, your dog insurance policy can increase each year due to the few different reasons. Whilst your monthly cost can be low when your own kitten is certainly still young, you can expect it to proceed up within about four years, depending on the insurer.

Since your premium is based on your pet’s age, the costs can rise as they get older. In case your pet got sick frequently and you had in order to make a number of expensive states in the past yr, your insurance plan premium might rise.

An additional reason for increased dog insurance expenses could be advancements in veterinary treatments. New and improved cancer remedies, diagnostic tools, and preventative programs will cost more to use compared to aged equipment.

What are hereditary and congenital conditions?

Hereditary conditions are usually disorders or diseases that are inherited genetically. Examples associated with common inherited disorders of cats consist of polycystic kidney disease, deafness, and Scottish fold disease.

A congenital condition is present through birth and may not become genetic. When it will be not passed down from a parent, it may be the particular result associated with a developmental issue in any stage before birth. Certain breeds of cats are more likely to develop certain conditions compared to others.

Several policies restrict the insurance coverage of genetic conditions. Make sure you choose a cat insurance plan that will specify if they cover these conditions as well as the waiting intervals associated along with them.

Exactly what are waiting periods?

A waiting time period runs from the date your policy begins to the date you begin receiving insurance. Waiting periods can vary depending on the type of coverage in your policy. They also vary between various insurance providers.

Within the event that your pet becomes ill or injured during the particular waiting period, the condition will certainly not end up being covered plus will be considered the pre-existing condition. Waiting periods are meant to decrease fraudulent claims and keep rates at a lower rate.

What is the best time to get a cat insurance coverage plan?

The best way to ensure your own cat will be covered when they get ill is in order to insure them while these people are healthful. If you insure your cat whenever they are young, the particular premiums will most likely be decrease, and they will are much less likely to have pre-existing conditions that will are ruled out by many plans. Cat insurance companies typically allow you in order to start insuring your cat at six to eight weeks older.

Kittens are usually also a lot more curious and adventurous than senior cats and kittens and are more likely to need emergency treatment. Some family pet parents may want to wait until their kitty is older whenever they become more vulnerable to getting unwell. While this particular may seem such as a good idea, any illnesses your own senior kitty develops might not become covered if it occurs before protection starts.

Exactly what medical records are needed from the veterinarian?

The pet’s healthcare record includes laboratory results, doctor’s notes, and other documentation regarding their particular vet visits. When you file a state, you usually require to send an itemized receipt detailing your cat’s treatment.

Certain insurance businesses may request more paperwork than others. Your vet may need to distribute additional information with regard to your claim to be approved. In addition, all offered medical records from adoption through applicable waiting periods will be requested when you document your first state. A statements specialist may review your cat’s medical history in order to determine any kind of pre-existing circumstances that are usually not eligible for insurance coverage.

Why doesn’t pet insurance cover pre-existing situations?

Pre-existing conditions are any health conditions that first occurred just before the pet insurance’s plan start day. Any claim you make about the pre-existing condition will be omitted from insurance.

If dog insurance firms did cover these types of conditions, family pet parents would wait till their cats fell ill before purchasing insurance plus then cancel when these people recovered. In the event that everyone do this, pet insurance companies might not be able to afford to exist.

Getting a cat insurance plan as soon as possible is a good idea since pre-existing conditions are usually not protected. Waiting too long increases the chances of your dog experiencing a health issue or even injury that will be excluded from coverage.

Do all vets take dog insurance?

In contrast to health insurance policy, you don’t have in order to worry regarding visiting a vet that is not covered by your insurance. All licensed vets accept family pet insurance. While pet wellness insurance companies allow a person to visit any vet or specialist in your own location, it’s important to check with your veterinarian on their payment process.

Vet direct pay, where the pet insurance provider can pay the veterinarian directly without waiting regarding reimbursement, is just not available from all vets. In most cases, you will possess to spend your vet bill in full following the vet check out and then file a claim with your pet insurance company intended for reimbursement.

What types associated with discounts may I get on pet insurance plan?

Pet insurance discounts are a great way to save even more on your monthly premiums. The most common kind of discount you will get on your own pet insurance is the multiple pet discount. Pet parents could get a discount upon their insurance coverage when they will register more than one particular cat.

Most insurers offer a 5% to 10% discount. There are several other discounts for dog insurance, based on the company. You could qualify to get savings with certain programs if your cat is already spayed or neutered. The Lemonade insurance policy provides a 5% discount if you opt to pay your premium annually. You can also find military or veteran discounts.

Exactly how much could I save more than my cat’s lifetime?

The amount you can save on vet expenses over your own cat’s existence depends upon a few aspects. The life expectancy of a cat can range through 6 in order to 20 years, based on the breed and health issues. The particular cost of treating your cat that develops the serious situation or suffers an expensive and long-term injury may be reduced by 1000s of dollars.

The amount you conserve also depends on the particular coverage associated with your insurance policy. With cheaper deductibles, higher annual limitations, and high reimbursement rates, you have got the potential to save more on your family pet insurance policies.

Exactly what happens to your pet insurance plan if your own pet dies or is usually lost or stolen?

Whilst this is a hard time for any pet parent, dog insurance providers create it a little easier by offering financial support. Some businesses will offer limited reimbursement in case your family pet dies or is lost or stolen. For example, Lemonade addresses advertising charges in case your cat is dropped or taken. In case you lose your pet, a person can furthermore cancel your pet insurance plan at any kind of time.

If your pet passes away due in order to an injury or even illness, your own pet insurance policy may end up being able to help. The end-of-life costs included in particular plans may include cremation, burial, plus reimbursement for the price you paid pertaining to your dog upward to a certain amount. Most pet insurers also cover euthanasia for humane reasons.

How do you file a pet insurance declare?

Be certain to know your waiting around period before taking the time to file a declare with cat health insurance. It is also important to check if the care your kitty received is definitely covered simply by your cat insurance in order to avoid any financial surprises. After a person take your kitty to receive treatment and pay out the veterinarian bill, you’ll have the ability to document a state. Most insurance companies offer promises processing online or by means of an app, but you may also be able to send a claim form in the mail.

Fill out the form and include any kind of documentation required, like medical records or an invoice from your vet. Your vet’s office can provide more information if needed. The state should be filed soon after your cat’s veterinarian visit. Some insurers require claims to be filed within 90 days or even less.

After submitting the particular claim for your cat insurance coverage, you might receive notification that your claim was received and is awaiting approval. Your own insurer may contact a person for additional information. Pet mother and father can expect to wait anywhere from 5 in order to 30 days, according to the organization. The process might take longer if it is your best time filing a declare.

Once your own claim has been reviewed by your cat insurance policy, you’ll become notified if it has been approved or denied. If your insurer offers vet direct pay, they can notify you when your veterinarian continues to be compensated and if there is the balance because of. Receiving compensation through immediate deposit will be faster compared to a check in the email. If your claim was denied and you disagree with the finding, a person have the option to appeal it.

How is cat insurance plan different from dog insurance?

Dogs may be insured under the particular same plans as pet cats, but right now there are a few variations between covering a cat and the dog. Typical monthly expenses for accident-only and accident and illness plans are higher meant for dogs. Dogs are typically a lot more expensive in order to insure as they are usually larger and need more medicine and sedation than felines. This makes vet bills more costly for dogs.


A person shouldn’t have to decide between your own cat’s health and your financial well-being. With dog health insurance coverage, \ to make a compromise. Kitty insurance can save family pet parents hundreds to lots of money on vet bills designed for unexpected injuries and health problems. Wellness packages are available to help you afford important program care like heartworm treatment.

Pet insurance is useful just for cats of all ages, whether they reside an indoor or even outdoor lifestyle. From a kitten to a senior cat, you can discover the coverage your fur baby needs through any of the best pet insurance firms on our list. With highly customizable programs, you may pick the deductible, annual limit, and reimbursement rate that will best suits your family’s budget. When your dog gets sick and tired or hurt suddenly, you can have peace associated with mind knowing that you’ll be able to give all of them the care they require.

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