Banfield Pet Insurance Review 2023 | Coverage and Cost – MarketWatchBanfield Pet Insurance Review 2023 | Coverage and Cost – MarketWatch

Banfield Pet Hospital does not offer your typical pet insurance plan. It provides Optimum Wellness Plans (OWP), which is a preventive care program for your dog or cat. With pet insurance, you pay a monthly premium, submit claims to your provider, and receive reimbursements for your pet’s veterinary treatment after. With an OWP, you pay a monthly (or yearly) fee for preventive care services at Banfield Animal Medical center and get a discount on future pet products and services.    

Banfield offers five OWP plans: two for puppies and kittens (under 6 months old) and three for adult dogs and cats. Enrollment in the Banfield Wellness Plan requires you to get your veterinary care at a Banfield Pet Hospital location. It covers routine visits such as biannual exams, vaccinations, diagnostics, nutritional consultations and dental care.

OWPs also come with access in order to Banfield’s Vet Chat through Banfield’s app. Vet Chat gives dog owners 24/7 access to live vets when they need assistance with health care decisions for their cat or dog.

Early Care Plans with regard to Puppies plus Kittens

Early Treatment Plans are available at two levels: Early Care and Early Care Plus. These plans are designed so your young pet gets the recommended vaccines, boosters, analysis and procedures to start them out well.  

The Early Treatment Plan addresses the following precautionary care:

  • Comprehensive physical exams (two per year)
  • Deworming (four per year)
  • Diagnostic testing (one per year)
  • Fecal exams (three per year)
  • Pet wellness consultation (one per year)
  • Unlimited access to Veterinarian Chat
  • Unlimited interstate wellness certificates (for travel)
  • Limitless office appointments
  • Vaccinations (varies by state)
  • Virtual trips (two for each year)
  • 5% discount on Banfield products and services

With the Early Care Plus plan, you’ll get everything in the Early Treatment plan, plus spay/neuter surgery and a 10% discount on Banfield services and products.

Active Care and Special Care Programs for Adult Dogs and Cats

For adult dogs and cats, pet parents can select from Active Care, Active Care In addition and Unique Care plans. These programs provide ongoing wellness coverage, including regular diagnostics and exams in order to help find and treat any issues with your pet’s health before they become more severe and difficult to deal with.  

The following wellbeing services are provided with the Active Treatment plan:

  • Comprehensive bodily exams (two per year)
  • Deworming (two per year)
  • Diagnostic testing (one per year)
  • Waste exams (two per year)
  • Pet health and fitness consultation (one per year)
  • Unlimited access to Vet Chat
  • Unlimited interstate health certificates (for travel)
  • Limitless office visits
  • Vaccinations (varies by state)
  • Virtual appointments (two for each year)
  • 10% discount upon Banfield products and services

The particular Active Care Plus strategy includes everything listed above, as well as one professional dental care cleaning per year, urine testing and a 15% discount on Banfield products plus services.  

The Special Care plan was developed for pets with chronic illnesses or even those requiring frequent diagnostic testing. This plan includes everything within the Active Care and Energetic Care in addition plan, and also electrocardiograms (two per year), eye pressure tests (two per year) and preventive X-rays (three per year).  

Banfield Wellness Plan Exclusions

All OWP plans exclude vet care related to an injury, illness or condition, including diagnostics, examinations, surgery and prescription medications.  

Since Banfield Hospital’s OWPs only cover preventive care, care plus treatment for any preexisting conditions is also excluded.

Plan Customizations

Banfield offers the few add-ons to its pet wellness plans with regard to an extra cost, including the particular following:

  • Flea, tick and heartworm prevention
  • Spay and neuter surgery (also covered in the Earlier Care Plus package)

Since this is not an insurance coverage plan, there are no deductibles, annual protection limits, reimbursement rates or even waiting periods. Your pet’s wellness insurance coverage begins immediately.

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