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LOS ANGELES — On September 15, the Pet Independent Innovation Awards, a platform that recognizes the most innovative dog care companies, services and products, announced the results of its fourth annual awards. The Pet Development Awards strives to honor innovation plus the best in various pet food, supplies and service categories.

The 2022 awards received more than 2, 000 nominations worldwide.

“It’s hard to put into words how important and irreplaceable pets are when it comes to our families plus lives, ” said Travis Grant, managing director, Independent Innovation Honours. “Pet parents are willing to pay for quality items that help improve the health and wellbeing of their beloved pets. We’ve obtained nominations from incredible businesses and technologies that are truly raising the bar when it comes to family pet centric products. ”

In pet meals, notable winners include:

  • JAC Dog Nutrition with regard to Cat Food Functional Diet Product of the Year
  • Kit Cat International for Cat Food Wet Product from the Year
  • Purpose Pet Meals for Kitty Food Freeze-Dried Product of the Year
  • Paw CBD regarding Cat Treat Product from the Year and Dog Calming Product of the Year
  • Solid Gold Family pet For Dog Food Product from the Year
  • Tucker’s intended for Dog Foods Freeze-Dried Item of the 12 months
  • Barkworthies to get Dog Deal with Product of the Yr
  • Paw Power for Lickable Treat from the Year
  • Pets Best Life Health pertaining to Functional Canine Treat Product of the particular Season
  • Ultimate Pet Nutrition for Dog Vitamin/Supplement Item of the Calendar year

Cat Food Wet Product from the Year

Package Cat international won Cat Food Damp Product associated with the 12 months for its Kit Kitty Complete Cuisine™. Developed by nutritionists, the cat food product is the complete-and-balanced diet in a meat flake-only format and made with fresh, natural ingredients. The recipe does not contain grains, artificial flavors or preservatives.

Kit Cat Complete Cuisine is the first format from the kind that will meets European Pet Meals Industry Federation (FEDIAF) standards, according to Kit Cat International.

“We are really honored in order to be recognized by Pet Advancement and be among the winners’ circle, ” said Kenneth Koh, co-founder of Package Cat Worldwide. “Our passion for animal welfare, shelters and stray cats has been the main catalyst to starting our own company. We are advocates meant for cats plus pets on every level.

Kit Cat Complete Cuisine Source: Kit Cat Global “Providing a wholesome and natural kitty product made up of the freshest raw materials has been the goal through the start, ” Koh added. “We strive to create simple, yet high quality plus nutritious meals that even the most discerning cat will enjoy. After all, cats are an integral part of our families, and they deserve the greatest that we can offer them to ensure they have a long and ‘pawspurrous’ life. ”

Package Cat Total Cuisine will be available in 14 recipes, including Chicken and Goji Berry within Broth, Poultry and Skipjack in Broth, Chicken plus Salmon in Broth, Tuna and Chia Seed within Broth, and others. According to Pet Impartial Innovation Awards, Kit Kitty Cuisine was chosen for its commitment in order to ingredient transparency and top quality.

“It’s important to be transparent about the sources of items when it comes to pet foods, ” Grant said.

  “Particularly wet food. Ensuring high quality that is usually both wholesome and natural in the components that go into cat products makes the difference within the health plus well-being of our feline friends. You can tell Kit Cat’s line of high-quality and nutritious kitty food was created by cat lovers. It’s simple to serve but packed with the particular essential ingredients that cats need and meets the highest level of industry standards while ensuring the health associated with even our own fussiest eating cat companions. ”

Cat Foods Freeze-Dried Item of the Yr

Objective Pet Food, a New Jersey-based manufacturer of premium freeze-dried raw pet food and treats, has won Cat Meals Freeze Dried Product associated with the Season. The company’s cat meals, along with all the freeze-dried formulas, are formulated using farm-raised, pasture-fed, free-range and humanely reared protein sources, without any added hormones or even antibiotics, as well as organic produce.

Manufactured in an USDA-certified facility, the company’s cat foods consist of 99% meat fortified with organic vitamins and minerals. The company’s kitty food line includes chicken, duck, turkey and rabbit recipes.

Purpose Pet Food's freeze-dried cat food Source: Purpose Pet Food “Thank you to the particular 2022 Dog Independent Creativity Awards designed for recognizing the commitment in order to excellence plus changing the pet food business for good, ” said Josephine Zee, owner of Purpose Family pet Food. “Purpose started along with the belief that wellness is not an one-way street, and that dog parents want to feed their own pets better food that reflects their own ethical values so that will, together, we can make a difference. In addition to our core ideals as pet lovers who want to feed our own pets the best, natural elements, we also believe in making a difference by supporting independent, ethically run, American farms. ”

According to the Pet Independent Innovation awards, Purpose Pet Food’s products were chosen because of its high commitment to foods quality.

“Freeze-drying is the gold standard with regards to food preparation since once the particular moisture is definitely removed, the nutrients remain, ” Give said. “Freeze drying outcomes in some of the highest quality pet meals. However , there are so many freeze-dried raw family pet food diets on the particular market today, it’s hard to know where true quality resides.

“Purpose Dog Foods really is a company with a purpose having a company ethos that can be setting the new regular within the particular pet foods industry, ” Grant additional. “Their conscious sourcing model and high quality ingredients set themselves apart. Their product is furthermore irresistible to our furry loved ones. We are usually proud in order to award Objective Pet Foods with this year’s Cat Food Freeze Dried out Product associated with the Calendar year Award. It is also in the top three finalists in dog food. ”

Cat Treat Product of the Year

Foot CBD, a brand of cbdMD Inc., received Cat Deal with Product from the Year for the soft CBD cat goodies. Formulated with broad-spectrum CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT, the soft hemp chews are THC-free and may help cats manage daily stress by supporting calmness and comfort.

Paw CBD's CBD cat treats Resource: Paw CBD “At every age, the kitty friends need wellness support, ” Grant explained. “From helping them stay happy plus active whenever they’re young to keeping them calm and comfortable as they age, their health and wellbeing are a top priority. The particular CBD chews from Paw CBD provide even the particular finickiest associated with felines the love and support they deserve within one easy-to-use, flavorful bite. ”

The soft treats are flavored using real chicken plus catnip substances and are certified simply by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). Paw CBD’s cat goodies are available in two strengths based on a cat’s weight: 150 mg and 300 mg.

“Paw CBD was founded by pet lovers just for pet lovers to help our best friends live their best lives, ” said Matt Coapman, chief marketing officer of cbdMD. “We are usually proud to offer superior Broad Spectrum CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT oil items for animals. From everyday wellness to those extra stressful times like riding in a carrier, trips to the vet, or nail trims plus grooming, these CBD cat chews are the ‘purr-fect’ option. ”

Canine Calming Product of the particular Year

Paw CBD was also selected by the Family pet Innovation Honours as the winner of Dog Calming Item of the 12 months for its Foot CBD Soothing Oil for canines.

“Being in the those who win circle with regard to the Pet Innovation Awards twice this year is thrilling and a vindication of our own dedication to our furry companions, ” Coapman stated.

Paw CBD's Canine Calming Hemp oil Source: Paw CBD Formulated along with broad spectrum hemp, chamomile, passionflower plus melatonin, the oil can serve as a sleep aid regarding dogs experiencing stressful situations.

“Of all the reasons dog owners seek out CBD products, one of the most common is for assist with stress and anxiety issues, ” Grant mentioned. “In fact, 20% in order to 40% of dogs seen by veterinarians and behavioral specialists suffer from separation issues. Whether it’s separation, noise aversion, or other fear behaviors, desperate owners are usually eager to find ways to help their anxious pups. Foot CBD Relaxing Oil addresses this specific wellness issue, especially for dogs, with one product. With its innovative blend associated with ingredients and care, this amazing oil deserves recognition in the particular Dog Comforting Product of the Yr category. ”

The particular Calming Oil is also NASC certified and is obtainable in a blueberry flavor. The essential oil can become served as a stand-alone treat or even drizzled onto and regular treat or meal.

“It’s an recognize to receive this category award intended for a second time from Pet Development, ” Coapman said. “Of course, many options are available in order to calm plus soothe the canine buddies. But not all of them are created equal. While there are CBD items for canines and presently there are calming products to get dogs, very few combine the powerful properties of both into 1 easy solution. Because our pets are usually all these things and more, Paw CBD was created to provide safe, versatile CBD oil products for the particular ongoing wellness and happiness from the pet cats and dogs we call family. ”

Canine Food Product associated with the Season

Strong Gold has been awarded Dog Food Product of the Calendar year from the Dog Independent Advancement Awards pertaining to its NutrientBoost™ line of products.

Solid Gold's NutrientBoost dog food line Source: Solid Gold Family pet  

The line features premium quality recipes and meals toppers developed to improve nutrient absorption and provide the boost to a dog’s immune and gut health. Strong Gold’s NutrientBoost line is certainly formulated with plasma, proteins and a proprietary blend proven to assist promote the healthy stomach and immune system in canines, according in order to the company.

“We are delighted to have our revolutionary NutrientBoost™ collection recognized because one of the best items for dogs, ” said Steve Ball, chief executive officer associated with North America at H& H Group, parent company of Solid Gold. “Over the last 40 years, Solid Precious metal has continued to disrupt the holistic pet foods category along with new innovations that support a pet’s wellness and we are eager to continue to introduce exciting and beneficial products for domestic pets and dog parents within years to come. ”

Canine Food Freeze-Dried Product from the Year

Tucker’s earned Dog Meals Freeze Dried Product of the Year because of its freeze-dried dog food formulations, which can be served as complete-and-balanced meal, food topper or even treat. Comprised of 95% meat, bone plus marrow and 5% pumpkin, which may help assistance digestive health, Tucker’s freeze-dried canine food is suitable for canines of almost all ages.

Tucker's freeze-dried dog food Supply: Tucker’s

“In the ever-expanding world from the pet care industry, stores and consumers are being inundated with SKUs, making it difficult to find what you’re looking for, ” Grant stated. “There are usually a number of freeze-dried options yet they are usually a part associated with a multi-step diet meant for pets. This can end up being confusing designed for consumers plus not ideal for pets when it comes time just for feeding. Tucker’s Freeze-Dried Raw Formulas solve that problem and conserve valuable retailer shelf space by being a three-in-one product. By offering a product that is meant in order to feed, top or even treat, Tucker’s offers created an innovative and nutritious product for pets that you can trust. ”

As well as offering pet parents convenience, the particular freeze-dried formulas also support maximum nutrient absorption. Simply by emulsifying its entire formulations, Tucker’s expands the surface area of the freeze-dried items, providing dogs with the ability to absorb more nutrients from the meals in a short period of time. According to the organization, it is the only raw family pet food business to emulsify its entire product.

Tucker’s freeze-dried dog foods are available in 12-oz and 14-oz bags, appropriate for traveling or on-the-go pet owners. The dog food comes in the variety of flavors, including Chicken-Pumpkin, Pork-Beef-Pumpkin, Salmon-Pumpkin, Pork-Bison-Pumpkin and Pork-Duck-Pumpkin.

“We’re therefore excited to get this acknowledgement from Pet Innovation, ” said Jeff Kalish, founder of Tucker’s. “We obviously love household pets and believe that they are an extension of our lives and our own biggest fans. With that said, these people deserve the best that raw nutrition has in order to offer. All our meats are human-grade and sourced exclusively in the United States. In developing our formulas, we work with three out of the 10 zoological nutritionists in the world and it’s these leading experts that will have helped us produce our 95/5 raw diet programs. We furthermore feel it’s important to take into account the retailer partners and their particular needs when creating our products. ”

Dog Treat Functional Item of the particular Year

Pet’s Best Life gained Dog Deal with Functional Product of the Year for the Yummy Combs® Dog Treats. Tasty Combs are usually an oral care deal with for canines made in a patented honeycomb shape. According to Pet’s Best Existence, the treat is the first thin-walled treat that can help floss and scrub a dog’s teeth from each angle plus from your gum line to the upper and lower jaw.

“With periodontal disease being the number one disease within dogs, within the advanced stages dogs may be in significant pain, ” Grant mentioned. “However, house animals tend in order to hide this particular out of instinct. Unfortunately, the particular effects associated with periodontal illness don’t stay confined to the tooth and gums — this disease can lead to problems with a dog’s organs and even cause heart condition if the bacteria enters the bloodstream.

“Revolutionary Yummy Combs Dog Treats are changing the way people treat their dogs, ” Grant described. “Yummy Combs is the perfect combination of revolutionary oral treatment, nutrition, advanced safety plus wellness just about all for the pet’s best life. With its great taste, it is the easiest, the majority of fun way to floss and brush your dog’s teeth. ”

Pet's Best Life's Yummy Combs Dog Treats Source: Pet’s Best Lifestyle

Formulated along with 47% protein, with poultry listed since the first ingredient, Yummy Spines provides nutritional, as nicely as dental benefits. The particular treat provides all essential amino acids dogs require, and also vitamins, minerals, and twelve “wellness” ingredients in order to support digestion, cognitive function, skin plus coat, and dental, heart and joint health. Yummy Combs are gluten- plus grain-free, non-GMO and made with less starch compared to standard treats.

As well since a modern, patented shape, the particular treats also feature a patent pending component called Slick ‘M™, which makes the treat slippery when touched by saliva, water or gastric acid, allowing with regard to easier digestive function.

“We’re so honored that will Yummy Combs have won this award from Dog Innovation, ” said Joe Roetheli, PhD, co-founder of Pets Greatest Life. “Along with Board-Certified Veterinary Dentist Dr . Jan Bellows and Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist Dr. Lon Lewis, we arranged out in order to create an unique treat that encompasses the best in mouth care, nourishment, enjoyment plus safety. It is the revolutionary shape that makes most the difference. Pet proprietors love to watch their pups get excited and dance, wiggle and waggle waiting for the Yummy Spines dog deal with. ”

Vitamin/Supplement Item of the particular Year

Ultimate Family pet Nutrition received Vitamin/Supplement Product from the 12 months award regarding its Nutra Thrive™ For Dogs supplement, which supports overall canine health. Produced by veterinarians, Nutra Thrive comes in a powdered form and can help assistance muscle, the teeth, digestive plus bone wellness.

Ultimate Pet Nutrition's Nurta Thrive dog supplement powder Source: Ultimate Pet Nutrition

“Our pets’ overall health and wellbeing are always at the forefront of an owner’s mind, ” Grant said. “Ultimate Dog Nutrition Nutra Thrive With regard to Dogs will be paving the way for a new era of mindful pet health to assist our fuzzy friends and companions thrive. With a delicious taste dogs take pleasure in and their own personal guarantee standing behind each product, Ultimate Family pet Nutrition formulates some of the most sophisticated pet foods, supplements plus treats currently on the market. ”

Nutra Thrive is developed with a blend of nutritional vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, digestive enzymes, probiotics and phytonutrients plus made without having added fillers or synthetic ingredients. The supplement can be added to a dog’s food for any nutrient boost.

“We are usually proud to accept this 2022 Pet Creativity Award intended for Nutra Thrive For Dogs, our first-of-its-kind canine product, ” stated Gary Richter, Ph. D., founder associated with Ultimate Pet Nutrition. “When we started Ultimate Dog Nutrition, our goal had been to generate a place where pet lovers can go for a premium, veterinarian-approved solutions for their furry friends. Nutra Thrive facilitates the overall health of our favorite companions. ”

Among the particular above, several other dog food companies received honours:

  • “I and love and you” won Cat Food Dry Product of the Year
  • Carnivore Meat Company won Kitty Food Frozen/Raw Product from the Year
  • Bougie Bakes earned Collagen Item of the Yr
  • Wild Earth gained Dog Foods Dry Product of the Season
  • Different Canine won Dog Food Frozen/Raw Product associated with the Calendar year
  • Wolf Spring won Canine Food Functional Diet Item of the particular Year
  • Green Paws won Dog Food Organic Product from the 12 months
  • Hound & Gatos received Dog Meals Wet Item of the Yr
  • Himalayan Family pet Supply earned Dog Foods Grain Free Product of the Season
  • Protenga gained Dog Food Innovation from the Year
  • Natural Cravings won Rawhide Alternative Product of the Year
  • Doctor Becker’s Bites won Small Pet Treat Product from the Year
  • Crumps Naturals received Dog Cookie Product of the Year
  • Happy Howie’s All Natural Dog Treats won Dog Treat Roll Product from the Year
  • The particular Bear & The Rat won Option Dog Deal with of the Calendar year
  • Healthy Bud earned Health Focused Dog Treat of the Year
  • The Honest Kitchen gained Pet Organization from the 12 months

Because well as innovative family pet food, goodies and supplements, your pet Innovation Awards furthermore recognized pet apparel, bowls, feeders, waterers, collars, leashes, harnesses, grooming, cleaning, wellness, housing, litter, toys and training items, along with dog services plus insurance.

“To be a good Innovator takes passion, creativity and difficult work, ” Grant mentioned. “Our 2022 winners are revolutionizing and advancing your pet industry through goods, services, and technology. We’re proud to announce the class of 2022 with their particular incredible innovative products and services. ”

View the full  2022 winners associated with the Pet Innovation Honours .

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