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I am often asked for a simple list of things every “pet parent” should know and do to ensure they provide the best care possible for their pets. Here are my recommendations:

• Take your pet for yearly wellness exams. Our pets age more quickly than we do, so taking them for an annual exam is equivalent to going to your doctor every 5 to 7 years! Yearly exams are vital for evaluating your pet’s physical health, weight, pain issues and potential medical issues.

• Older animals can benefit from bi-annual examinations, which help your own veterinarian potentially catch medical issues before they become life-threatening. This is also a great time to discuss ways you can help your current pet deal with aging problems such as arthritis.

• Make sure your pet is current on its vaccines plus protected against parasites. If you are usually taking your pet to your veterinarian regularly, these people will discuss all the needed vaccines and parasite prevention that is appropriate for your pet. Vaccines usually are essential with regard to controlling fatal infectious diseases in our pet populations. Keeping the pets free of parasites keeps all of them healthier in addition to less likely to spread something in order to their human companions.

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• Maintain a healthy weight for your own personal pet. Obesity in our dog population is becoming an epidemic, just as it will be within our human population. Being overweight can lead to joint pain, metabolic health issues and premature death. Keeping your family pet at a good weight is usually actually very easy and is definitely in its best interest. In case your pet is overweight, you can try feeding a low-fat diet, serving less food, reducing most, if not all, of their treats, and increasing their activity. Keeping your personal pets leaner will keep them healthier longer.

• Feed a good quality diet. Cheap dog and even cat meals may help the budget short term but can hurt your pet in the long run. Less expensive dog and cat foods contain more fillers and colorings, and you typically need to feed more to give your dog adequate calories. These diets are not because nutritious together with can lead to skin and additionally allergy issues. You perform not have to put yourself in the poor house, yet buying a dog or cat food that will is the little better quality can help your furry friend over time.

• Exercise your pet daily. Daily exercise is vital for your pet’s mental and physical well-being. Denying an animal exercise may lead to be able to severe behavioral issues that sometimes result in unnecessary euthanasia. Most dogs need at least one for you to two long walks a new day, with human interaction and playtime in between. Cats need time to chase toys not to mention run around the house, if not short walks outside when monitored.

• Maintain your pet’s dental wellness. Dental disease is very painful and worsens as pets age. When you can maintain their dental health along with brushing, dental chews/treats, and also frequent dental cleanings, then they will not suffer the particular devastating effects of dental disease as they will age.

• Do not give human medications for your pets without checking with your vet first. Dogs and cats are not tiny humans as well as do not really metabolize medicines the same way as humans. Some human drugs can easily be deadly if given to animals. Save yourself some worry and ask your animal medical practitioner before giving your pet any human drugs.

• Set up an emergency animal care fund for those situations you might never see coming. It is devastating to face a life-threatening issue together with your dog and not have the money to treat it. Money should never have to be the deciding factor regarding treating your own pet. Setting money aside every month will give you typically the peace of mind associated with knowing that a person can handle an emergency should one arise.

Dr . Julianne Miller can be a Flagstaff veterinarian. She can be reached at [email protected] com

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