3 Must-reads on National Cat & Dog Gut Health Awareness Day – DVM 3603 Must-reads on National Cat & Dog Gut Health Awareness Day – DVM 360

3 articles on maintaining gut health in pets, plus its importance to overall wellness

According to the State of the Gut 2022 report, 1 43% associated with cats and 56% of dogs suffer from digestive issues and 31% of cats and 42% of dogs suffer from skin problems each year. Because of this prevalence, along with National Cat & Dog Stomach Health Awareness Day, we have featured a few articles to help you provide the particular best care to patients experiecing these conditions.

From the importance of the skin-gut connection in order to using integrative methods to address gut health—there’s something for everyone. Happy reading!

  1. Making the skin and gut connection : Meghan K Solc, DVM, DACVD,   outlines how being informed of a pet’s gastrointestinal health can be beneficial for dermatologists plus offered related tips.
  2. An integrative approach to maintaining the healthy stomach : Robert Silver, DVM, MS, highlights integrative approaches to gastroenterology that can enhance and maintain the gut’s barrier function and improve overall patient health.
  3. Diagnosing food reactions in canine and feline individuals : Jennifer Aniya, DVM, DACVD, shares insight upon appropriately recognizing patients suffering from adverse meals reactions.


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